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Who are we?

We love fashion and we love statements. But most of all, we like them when they are not just visible statements, but behind the message are also a real will to act. That's why we founded EMERALD BERLIN.

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What is Emerald Berlin all about?

Emerald Berlin connects social topics and fashion to give these topics more visibility

How did the idea for Emerald Berlin come up?

The idea came up when Trump’s election was happening a few years ago. I saw this really impressive statement “Make America great again” and asked myself how you could use something as powerful as fashion for something good? First, I thought “how can you make people vote again?” but as this is quite seasonal I started thinking about something bigger, something better and as I am donating since I’m a teenager, I wanted to give these topics more visibility anyways and I thought that mixing fashion with social issues is a really good combination.  

How does Emerald Berlin create awareness for social and environmental issues using conscious fashion?

What we actually do is we connect directly with an NGO to take one of their topics and make something new out of it so we change the way of storytelling completely. So usually, we take one topic and build a whole new world around it and take the inner message and build new statements out of it so you can wear them as a customer and support the NGO.

How can you support the vision of the brand?

 By wearing the product, you are able to tell the story so whenever somebody asks you for your shirt or pullover you can tell them about the story of the charity behind the product. That’s what we do in a smaller form. You become a storyteller for something good.

How did Emerald’s cooperation with these selected NGOs begin?

At the beginning I just thought about topics I would be interested in so I went to a donation platform and just checked out different topics and then I reached out to them to send a little presentation about what I wanted to do and most of them answered positively. Then during the process, the things changed a little so, currently, sometimes NGOs reach out to us, sometimes we reach out to them when we think we have something really interesting. When we have cooperations with influencers and people who want to do something special and usually they have a topic they want to support and then we’re looking for a matching NGOs and just ask them if they want to work with us.

How do the NGOs profit from the work of Emerald Berlin?

What we actually do is we change the way of storytelling. 70.000 NGOs worldwide have one common problem: They lose the connection to young people which is mainly due to the evolution of marketing during the past ten years so social media marketing came up and the content NGOs usually use is not matching the way social media works. So, what we do is changing the story so we can use the same topic for social media to work with influencers on Instagram and give these topics the attention they need.

Turning an NGOs good cause into a fashion-statement – how does that work?

What we usually do is we connect with an NGO, take one of their topics and then go into it and we read about it, watch a lot of video content and we really try to understand the topic before we do something out of it. And then we go into the sections and find the matching statements and why we do this is that social media is quite visible and talking about social issues in the way we do needs something visual so we create clothes to make it visual.

Conscious and fair fashion – What’s up with that?

There’s a difference between “fast fashion” and “slow fashion” and then there’s something else called conscious fashion. So usually “fast fashion” describes retailers that have a new collection every week while “slow fashion” means that the company releases 2 collections per year. Yet there’s something else called sustainable fashion based on which methods of production are used, what kind of products are used, where the cotton comes from or where the materials in general come from. This is something you can have an eye on, because when your labor conditions are better and the used materials are better, you will produce a better product at the end. That’s what we do; We want a really good product and for that we only accept the best working conditions, the best product which translates into high sustainability.

What products can you find on Emerald Berlin?

At the moment we have shirts, pullovers, bracelets, cosmetic bags and we want to keep them as simple as possible – why? Because we think basics last forever and thinking sustainably is also thinking long term and that’s why we do basics that last for at least a few years.

How do you cooperate with influencers?

If you want to spread a message you need people helping you spread the word. That’s why we work really closely with people that already have a lot of reach like influencers who usually talk about stuff they relate to and now we mix social topics in. This usually works quite well because people are interested in these topics and they would love to give them a voice but sometimes finding the right words isn’t so easy, so we help and support them by spreading the right message.


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