I don't rely on others - Emerald Berlin
I don't rely on others - Emerald Berlin

I don't rely on others

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Politik zum Anfassen

Sometimes there is nothing better than to sit back, relax and just let the others do it fo you. However, in some situations, we should not rely too much on others and in others, we really should not rely on others at all. Elections are one of those situations that we should never let others decide for us. Each of us has a voice. And we should use them. Because in the end, we all have to live with the consequences. Decided is decided. That´s a democracy. And to awake awareness for democracy and the importance of our own voice from an early age, there are wonderful organizations that take care of political education. With this Pullover, we support therefore Poltitik zum Anfassen and are so happy to see democracy so alive.

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